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Drop Shipping Working Full Explained in 2021
Drop Shipping Working Full Explained in 2021

I am going to tell you what is dropshipping and how it works so let's begin dropshipping involves the supplier the dropshipping store that is you and the customer the customer orders the product from the dropshipping store the drop shipping store transfers the details of the customer to the supplier the supplier then ships the product to the customer the drop shipping store.

That is you make a profit by selling the product at a higher price from that of the seller for example there is a product a which the supplier sells at $150 including the delivery charges you can sell the product day on your drop shipping website at $200 to the customer once you receive the order from the customer you can just place the exact same order with the supplier to the customers address.

This way you make a profit of $50 without actually owning or shipping the product now that you know what drop shipping is let us look at the four benefits of drop shipping one low barrier to entry just open a website for free and you can become a drop shipper to know logistic problems as you do not have to pack or ship the products three easy to add remover or change the products that you sell for lower risk as you do not own any of the product.

Just like any other business model drop shipping also comes with certain drawbacks here are three major drawbacks of drop shipping one high competition is the biggest drawback of drop shipping and is a result of low barrier to entry to lower margin is the next major drawback resulting from high competition 3 lack of quality control is the third major drawback which results because you do not control the logistics.

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