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Hey guys sam here from keycommerce.com and i love ecommerce i've generated over 12 million dollars worth of sales over the last couple of years and i think e-commerce is pretty damn cool if you are new to e-commerce and you have no idea. E-commerce is buying goods or services via the internet fun fact the first ecommerce thing sold was a sting cd that this guy sold to his friend back in 1994.

Usually people use e-commerce to refer to selling products online but honestly it means anything selling anything online these days e-commerce is a massive field and there are hundreds of thousands of stores selling products to millions and billions of people it's an absolutely booming industry especially in 2020 and beyond and it's growing bigger and bigger every year if you haven't heard of it you really should pretty soon and it's going to be a massive part of our lives that isn't going away anytime soon.

I made about why e-commerce is the future i'll leave a link in the description go check that out after you watch this one okay so how can you get into ecommerce well two ways you can be a buyer and you can be a seller you can buy products from e-commerce stores i do this all the time you can buy your groceries any products you want go on amazon stuff like that you can also set up your own e-commerce store it's not hard it's actually pretty.

Straightforward and a lot easier than setting up a physical stall in a mall or shopping center or something like that you just need a website and a product that's it on this channel i go through how to create an e-commerce store i teach you everything you need to know if you want to learn how to grow your ecommerce store then check out the rest.

The rest of there's a lot to learn and a lot to go through okay so how does e-commerce work so if you are buying a product you go to their website you often find them through google search facebook ad or something like that you choose a product you want you add to card and then you check out here you can pay with your credit card and you are placing an order by doing this.

You are telling the e-commerce store that they are okay to charge your card and then send you that product depending on how that store delivers their products it might just take one day or a couple of weeks it will arrive at your home and it's a bit like opening a christmas present this is why buying stuff online is a bit addictive it's really fun and it's like buying yourself a little gift okay guys that's it for today on what is e-commerce this one was an absolute beginner's for people here that haven't heard of e-commerce before if you want to learn more about growing an ecommerce store.

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