What is Ecommerce Website 

Ecommerce website is quite simply the purchases of goods and/or services by the Internet to date over 40% of all Internet users have made an online purchase spending almost 1.5 trillion dollars a year in commerce is split into four categories.

Business-to-Consumer ( B2C )

B2C is what most people think of when they hear ecommerce website remember when you bought that new t-shirt about Google from Amazon that was you participating in b2c e-commerce.

Consumer to Consumer ( C2C )

C2C is when goods are saw between consumers through internet marketplaces or online classified ads eBay and Gumtree are prime examples.

Consume to Nusiness ( C2B )

Involves you as a consumer providing a product or service to an organization for example a blogger may review a certain product for a business and repealing goods or direct payments.
Business-to-Business ( b2b )

Where business is conducted between two companies a good example of this market is both pea-soup Digital offers a range of services and sells these services to other businesses marketing made clear pea-soup digital.

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