Western Toilet 

Western Toilet Advantages and Disadvantages

In the present era, we are always making many changes in our lives in the name of civilization. So while there are many benefits to us, there are more disadvantages than advantages. The only thing that has changed in that respect is the toilet.

Western toilet One side is good for people with joint pain, the elderly and the physically challenged. But many of us do not know that it is really bad for the body. The toilets of that time were set up by the people of that time in such a way that the wastes of the body could be expelled without stagnation. But researchers say the current Western toilet is not healthy.

Benefits of natural methods

Western Toilet Advantages and Disadvantages

1. When the stool is folded and the stool is excreted, the waste in the intestines is excreted.

2. The curve of the rectum is one of the easiest to defecate straight.

3. This is the case when a baby is in the womb. This is the natural way to spend the morning borrowing.

4. The hips will be strengthened while sitting in this position. The muscles get stronger.

5. Stomach upsets are prevented from causing problems as the stools do not stay in the stomach.

Disadvantages of using a Western toilet

Western Toilet Advantages and Disadvantages

1. The normal shape of the rectum is affected when using a Western toilet that violates the natural method.

2. Hemorrhoids, constipation, intestinal diseases, etc. are on the rise.

3. On the one hand, scientists have found that unnatural Western toilets are the cause of lifestyle changes.

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