New updates on WhatsApp Communication

New updates on WhatsApp Communication

WhatsApp to inject new updates into its custom settings so you can no longer hide your watch photo and last viewed time from individuals. Watch has posted this on its micro-blogging site. Watch also advises us to be careful about what we post. WhatsApp team has introduced the facility to mute voice call.

WhatsApp is one of the most used social networking sites in the world. Meta's WhatsApp site has been providing some updates from time to time and is also planning future updates for the convenience of the users. It has already provided many updates in the past such as deleting the message, making it silent on the status, reacting to the messages, stickers, fingerprints.

Currently, the WhatsApp team has introduced the facility of calling, texting and muting an individual. It also provides notification of who is speaking. Also, this new feature does not mean that only the caller in the WhatsApp group can mute others. Anyone in a group can mute others.

In that case WhatsApp groups already had the facility to link via link without the permission of the admins. It was considered to be a source of misinformation and social problems by many foreigners. A new system of administrative approval has been introduced to eliminate this problem. Accordingly, the permission of the web admins in the group is no longer required. This allows admins to accept and reject requests from those who wish to join the group.

In addition, it has been reported that various new updates on WhatsApp Communication are being planned and will be available soon.

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