14 dangerous apps - delete them immediately if you have them on your smartphone

In today's digital age we mostly use smartphones for many purposes. Hackers steal information through apps downloaded from official sites.

That is, hackers turn smartphone apps into a means of hacking and then easily access people's details. That way there are some dangerous smartphone apps out there.. you should not download them and if you have downloaded them, you should delete them immediately.

For your information, a dangerous Android malware threat has spread that has put thousands of Android smartphone users at risk. Because of this risk, many Google Play Store apps have been declared dangerous, downloading them can also empty users' bank accounts.

14 dangerous apps

Junk Cleaner


Power Doctor

Super clean

Full Cleaner

Clean Cache

Fingertip Cleaner

Quick Cleaner

Keep Clean

Windy Clean

Carpet Clean

Cool Clean

Strong Clean

Meteor Clean

So if anyone has installed any of these apps, they are advised to delete them immediately. Also, after uninstalling the app, it is advised to change the passwords of your social media accounts

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