How to find Fake Messages from the bank

How to find Fake Messages from the bank

Cyber ​​fraudsters message you the same way a bank messages you. Customers trust these messages as messages from the bank. They also share their details. Many details have been leaked through this. Bank does not ask any personal information or OTP from customers. No KYC details will be asked from the bank at any time. No bank asks customers to click on any link.

How to spot fake news

To find out whether a message from a bank is fake or genuine, there are several things to look out for.

1. There will be no errors in messages sent from banks. Whereas fake messages contain many errors. It has been found that these fake news contain a lot of grammar mistakes.

2.Banks or other financial institutions send messages only to their customers and not to everyone. Often you get messages from banks where you don't have an account. Be careful with these.

3. If the message is sent from a bank, the sender's mobile number will not be displayed, the short form of the sending bank's name will be displayed.

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