How to use privacy features on WhatsApp

How to use privacy features on WhatsApp

WhatsApp application is used by more and more people worldwide. Young to old people use this app. The main reason is that it is easy to use.

Information can also be exchanged easily. In this case, WhatsApp has privacy features. That means you can change the display pixel called DP, the status you put, and Last Seen as per your need. You can change who sees your Last Seen, DP.

Your WhatsApp privacy features

WhatsApp privacy features can easily change DP, status, Last Seen as per requirement. This feature mostly works in the same way on all Android phones.

First, go to WhatsApp settings.

In it, go to the 'Account' option and click on the Privacy menu.

In the privacy menu, Profile photo, Last Seen, About, Status features are given to change.

WhatsApp Privacy Settings

If you give Last Seen, Profile photo as 'Everyone' it will be shown to everyone. If you enter 'My contacts' it will be shown only to people in your contacts.

If you specify 'My contacts except' then only the people you select can see Last Seen, Profile photo. Not visible to others. If set to 'Nobody' it will not be shown to anyone.

Similar facilities are provided in Status Privacy. According to the convenience of WhatsApp users, the company is introducing new features to entertain the users. The company is also focusing on WhatsApp information and data security.

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